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    Lazarus Ft. Bizarre (D12) - "Open Heart Surgery"
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The Buzz

Fontane paves new path in music with album ‘The New Genre’

DALLAS, TX – Fontane isn’t a musician who’s interested in just being another member of the status quo. Though some trends within the hip-hop genre are proven money makers, he’s not interested in following on the coattails of other artists. No … his mission is to pave a new trail and introduce a new genre. In […]

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Delaware Artists Mix American Culture with Indonesian Influences in Hot New Singles

LOS ANGELES, CA – NSR Entertainment is home to two amazing artists from Dangdut in America that have set out to make a lasting imprint on the music industry. First up is Danielle Desiree, a Delaware-based artist who is comprised of a great deal of innate talent. Not only can Danielle Desiree sing in English, […]

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Delaware Native and Hip-Hop Artist to Release Hot Single “Lean” July 19

LOS ANGELES, CA – From Delaware hails Hip-Hop artist, Aviator Keyz. What started as the artist writing books and putting pen to paper through traditional storytelling would later blossom into a full-fledged, musical career. Following this was his affinity for rap music, in which he started incorporating into his daily life. He started making his own […]

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Cment Boot Music Group: Creating New Sound Waves on the Music Scene

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – If there’s one thing that stands out about the hip-hop trio Cment Boot Music Group (CBMG), it’s their unbridled joy of music. It’s an emotion that oozes out of them. You can’t help but smile when you’re around them, and when their music comes on, fans all over the world are learning that […]

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Hip-Hop Artist Rylan Carter to Release “RAHH” this Winter

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip-Hop artist Rylan Carter is a Mississippi native, which is something that runs through every fiber of his being. Growing up, the artist was raised in a Baptist home, as his father was a minister. Though his mother passed away when he was at the young age of five years old, […]

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