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    Lazarus Ft. Bizarre (D12) - "Open Heart Surgery"
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The Buzz

Trap-Rocker PATRICH Is Set To Take the Industry by Storm With A New Sound You Need To Listen To

Restless and impatient, PATRICH is ready to rip the game apart! In the ever-evolving wave of hip-hop, one need not look further than 20-year-old Dallas based artist PATRICH (aka PATRICH1500).  With so many copy-paste artists, it is always refreshing to hear someone who is constructing their own musical repertoire. Reminiscent of flex music, his melodious […]

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Yung Bloo Foundation takes cue from namesake by helping people in need

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The thing that stood out about Reginald Foster Jr. – AKA Yung Bloo – was his instinct to bring people closer to each other. The hip-hop artist from Bay Area, California loved helping people. He was trustworthy, and his word meant something. And most of the people who knew him would […]

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Los Angeles Singer Shae Brock Reminds Fans Everything is “All Good” in New Single

LOS ANGELES, CA – Shae Brock is bringing the heat once again with her latest single, “All Good”. The Los Angeles based singer, who is known for pop banger “You”, produced by multi-platinum hitmakers Da Internz & The A-Team, delivers a melodic sensation in her new single. Music has played a pivotal role in Brock’s […]

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Nola B aims to put New Orleans hip-hop on the map with new album ‘Book of Nola’

NEW ORLEANS, LA – When NAVY recruiters try to entice new enlistees, they often cite the opportunity to visit unique places all over the world. Collis James Foster – AKA Nola B – definitely had that experience during his years as a Corpsman. But at first those new experiences were so overwhelming that he had to […]

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New hip-hop duo brings unforgettable sound and style with new music

NEWARK, NJ – There’s a unique new group coming out of the East Coast music scene that is unlike anything the hip-hop world has ever seen before. The duo made up of KnuOrigen and Kay Sade call themselves TheKnuBlack, and they believe they represent a tribe of people who tend to find themselves on the outside […]

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