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The Buzz

Urban Buzz Factor Spotlight: H Warbuckz The Lyrical Radical

  Many are describing emcee H Warbuckz as “A Lyrical Radical,” “A Rap Renegade,” “A Hip Hop Juggernaut” and a “Musical Maverick.” H Warbuckz is shattering the misconception that lyrical rappers can’t successfully create radio friendly hit songs that appeal to the masses. He is creating a major buzz with his latest single “”I’m Bout [...]

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My Response To Rudy Giuliani: Black On Black Crime & White On White Crime

  Rudy Giuliani caused a racial firestorm by stating that White cops are needed in Black communities because 93% of Blacks killed in America are killed by other Blacks. He is trying to justify the militarization of Black communities by perpetrating the same old racist fear tactic of the so called “Black Crime Menace.” The [...]

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Urban Buzz Factor New Heat: Twinn 5 – “I Does It”

Rap renegade Twinn 5 has experienced many hardships, disappointments and struggles through out his life. And as a result he lives by the principles of Love, Life and Loyalty. He is the epitome of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Twinn 5 is a warrior in every sense of the word. He is a combat military [...]

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Urban Buzz Factor R&B Spotlight: Nashad Davis – “COMFORT ZONE”

  EXCITING, YOUTHFUL AND CUTTING EDGE; Those are the words that best describe rising R&B/Pop sensation Nashad Davis. He’s the voice of Generation NEXT!! Nashad Davis is poised to put the heart and soul back into R&B. He’s being touted as “The Artist To Watch” by many music industry insiders. Nashad is a Musical Tour [...]

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Urban Buzz Factor Indie Spotlight: Rapstress Majjesty

Dynamic, Sexy, and spontaneous are probably the best words to describe female rapper Majjesty. She is a Triple Threat. She raps, she sings and she produces. Majjesty is determined to leave an impact on the music game. She is on a mission to prove that a female rapper can make great strides in the industry [...]

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