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    Lazarus Ft. Bizarre (D12) - "Open Heart Surgery"
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The Buzz

Rising East Coast artists join forces to create hot new single ‘So Easy’

PHILADELPHIA, PA and BOSTON, MA – Two rising musical acts from the East Coast have come together to create one of hip-hop’s hottest new singles. The Philadelphia-based group known as Urbano and Greg Gatsby – a DJ, producer and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts – have collaborated on the new single “So Easy.” It’s a song that […]

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Is Deon Wilson the New Face of R&B? This Hot New artist announces his presence to the world with project, single “You Got It”

FORT COLLINS, CO – Everyone knows relationships can have their ups, their downs and that anyone worth having is also worth fighting for and waiting for. The right person in your life can help you elevate to heights unforeseen. Deon Wilson has captured that emotion perfectly in his new single “You Got It”. The young R&B artist from […]

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Ohio Rapper Gears up to Release New EP “Past Due”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dotti Lyne began his musical journey at the young age of six years old. He remembers now himself mom used to take him to church, which eventually led to him singing in the choir. Lyne truly enjoyed the feeling that came over him while he would sing, so he soon ventured […]

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(Mixtape Spotlight) LAD Society Presents IKE – “Trendsetter Mixtape”

Independent Rap juggernaut IKE (Illest.Kid.Ever) is the CEO and founder of LAD (Living The American Dream) Society. He is a determined emcee who’s ready to take the music world by storm. His clever lyricism, magnetic delivery, efficient wordplay and irresistible personality has already earned him acclaim among Hip Hop aficionados. He is wise beyond his […]

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Bronx native uses natural gift for music to uplift others

BRONX, NEW YORK – For as long as he can remember, Saint Mike had wanted to help people become the best versions of themselves. No matter what situation they might be facing or what circumstance they have to overcome, he considers it his life’s purpose to help others realize their fullest potential. That life philosophy […]

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