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The Buzz

Rapper Lazarus Takes Hip Hop To New Heights With “Open Heart Surgery”

An Emcee embodies the heart of a rapper, but a rapper can never embody the soul of an Emcee.  Emcees tell stories, rappers tell tales. Emcees speak, rappers talk. The Emcee is rare, the rapper is the new trend. Detroit bred rhyme slinger Lazarus is carrying on the tradition of great Detroit lyricists. The dedicated [...]

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Natalia Damini Beats Out Taylor Swift For #1 Most Popular Video On VH1

  Give us some background info as to who you are. Everything started in Brazil, when I was 17 I met a Dj who was looking for a singer to put on his record, but he didn’t have any lyrics just the song. So I wrote it and we released my first single calling “Feelin’ [...]

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Urban Buzz Factor Artist Spotlight: Rapper Richie Biness

Connecticut Rhyme Rebel Richie BINESS is a rare breed. He is a certified diamond in a rap world full of Cubic Zirconias. BINESS does everything in a major way and he is currently making a huge impact in the independent music scene with his mixtape “Last of A Dead Breed.” The mixtape spawned his latest [...]

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On The Radar With Renaissaince Artist Bianca Njie

Bianca Njie is a renaissance artist; she is an author, songwriter, poet, marketing mogul and infallible rapper.  Bianca has a distinctive voice that commands attention. Her Cover Girl style turns heads and her unforgettable delivery turns the street corner into her stage. Bianca grew up rapping on the streets of Winston Salem North Carolina aka [...]

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Urban Heat: Rapper Mad Squablz

Mad Squablz is wise beyond his years. The young wordsmith is a true emcee. He recently performed at the On The Radar Closed Door Auditions with Success Davis, Director of A&R of Atlantic Records. Check out his latest video “Rigamortis” below:

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