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    Lazarus Ft. Bizarre (D12) - "Open Heart Surgery"
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The Buzz

Atlanta native overcomes hard past to build successful music career

=” ATLANTA, GA – Like so many other artists before him, the biggest hurdle that MYK-O has to overcome on a daily basis is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of letting other people down. Fear of making a fool of himself. But mostly, fear of not living up to his fullest potential and fulfilling the purpose […]

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M16 rides waves of success from single while preparing to launch new project

LOS ANGELES, CA – “Reality Is A Dream Desired and Pursued” This was an important lesson that Matt Grady (M16) learned at age 16 from his mentor Antwoinne McLendon. Prior to that, he’d grown up with a family that was made for music. His mother was a Gospel singer and his father played guitar for bands in Chicago […]

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Rapper Star Money Releases Hit Singles “Band Dem Bandz” and “Swag Without Trying”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The phrase “a star was born” is a perfect description of rapper Star Money. The stage name stems from a time where the artist was navigating the ups and downs of life. For the majority of his adolescence, he knew music was something he wanted to pursue. Since the young age […]

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Young friends use seamless collaboration to create hit new single ‘Da Wave’

NEW ENGLAND – Sanat Kumara – now known in hip-hop circles simply as SK – first met Tarzan F1gz at the age of 17. The two had a mutual producer who liked music and invited them both over to sample some new sounds. The two started doing music together almost immediately, and they never stopped. The two […]

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Hip-Hop Artist Mikey Smit Tells His Story through Latest EP “You Don’t Know Me”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip-hop artist Mikey Smit is a well-rounded musician who comes from a very musically inclined family. What started out in church later blossomed into a major passion for Smit. When asked how he got his start, he reflects back to the time in which his late aunt asked him if he […]

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