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    Lazarus Ft. Bizarre (D12) - "Open Heart Surgery"
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The Buzz

Up-and-coming Texas rapper turns heads with new single ‘Get the Work’

LUBBOCK, TX – A bit of melody, a bit of singing, and a blend of thought-provoking lyrics laid down through a laid-back rapping style is the perfect combination that makes up the music being brought to fans by the artists known as Difference. Coming out of Lubbock, Texas, Difference is a new rapper who is dedicated […]

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New East Coast artist launches new EP as first project under new label Audio Tamers

BOSTON, MA – For many years, GodSend has been an aspiring hip-hop artist who also worked full time to try to make ends meet. When not putting in a 9-to-5 day, he was gathering the pieces he would one day need to make the full leap to professional music. It was a long road, but […]

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Louisville Based Hip-Hop Duo Commander & Chief Take Summer by Storm with New Mixtape “Going Crazy”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Louisville, Kentucky is home to two bloodline brothers who have been taking the rap and hip-hop scene by storm for the past few years. Commander & Chief is comprised of these two musically gifted siblings, Emmanuel Obamas and Dread Head Gillie, who have collectively made their mark in the industry thus […]

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Positive energy oozes out of new music from Kansas City artist Pdot

KANSAS CITY, MO – Phoenyx Wiggins – known in hip-hop circles as Pdot – has a naturally curious mind. He’s always wondered about the intricacies of music-making. He remembers being younger listening to songs on the radio and thinking about how those songs might sound if they had different instrumentation or beats. In fact, it was […]

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Cali native Sulay uses experiences of West Coast living to infuse hot new hip-hop, R&B sound

LOS ANGELES, CA – There’s a new hip-hop artist coming out of Southern California, and his music is starting to turn some heads. Not only does Sulay mix a smooth delivery with witty word-play, but his beats and sound is something that no other artist is producing today. And he’s set to showcase that unique […]

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