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    Lazarus Ft. Bizarre (D12) - "Open Heart Surgery"
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The Buzz

Urban Buzz Factor Grapevine Report: RocNation to Sign Rapper J360?

There seems to be a lot of talk within industry circles about Toledo, OH rapper J360. Through industry sources we have heard rumors that there may be some strong interest from Rocnation regarding the rapper. However, nothing has yet been confirmed. In fact, J360 may have sparked a bidding war of sorts by meeting with […]

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Urban Buzz Factor: Rap Group RSK TKRS Makes Impact With “Fckd Up” Single

“Rap sensations RSK TKRS are quickly making a name for themselves in the world of Hip Hop. The breakout Rap group has rolled out one of the biggest independent hit records in a while with their sizzling single, “Fckd Up” featuring Madd Rass. The song is a critical success and it’s receiving a great amount […]

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“Progressive Preacher” Ricardo Breaks New Ground with Single ‘Angel Musik’

Ricardo Felisme is many things: a preacher, musician, friend, and Haitian. But, above all the island-born artist is an agent of love and grace. Born in Haiti and raised by conservative Baptist parents, Ricardo is no stranger to religion. In fact, he himself is a preacher of the word of God. But, unlike many of […]

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Urban Buzz Factor Artist Spotlight: Zar Da Merc – “Rolling Stone”

As the music industry embarks on a new era of emcees, rapper Zar da Merc is destined to leave his own imprint in the game. His versatility and dynamic stage presence puts him in a league of his own. He has one of the genre’s most distinctive voices. Zar da Merc is able to captivate […]

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The Urban Buzz Factor Artist Of The Week: King Salomon – “Don’t Worry”

New Jersey native Jon Salomon (better known to fans as “King Salomon”) began his rap career as an amateur poet, experimenting with wordplay at a very young age. Surrounded by a musical family, the King’s love for music was encouraged and perpetuated by his family’s love of hip hop. As a child, he could be […]

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